Why “Voting With Our Dollars To Save THE Republic”?

The Mission of the Patriots Business Alliance is “Voting With Our Dollars To Save THE Republic”. It’s really a very simple concept. All of my life I have been told that “all politics is local”. And we know that local money and local activists drive all local politics. Most people just don’t make the connection that where they do business can and will directly effect their local politics. And when you travel, where you choose to stop and spend your money can affect the local politics where you travel.

This is why “Voting With Our Dollars To Save THE Republic” is such a critical concept. By building a wide-ranging network of businesses that have publicly pledged to operate based on the Values and Principles our Republic was founded upon, we can provide a means to an end. And by helping Citizens, who also espouse these same Values and Principles, easily locate and patronize these businesses we can truly make a difference, one community at a time, eventually in every community

That is why this is not just a local project, but also a national project. Many people I know are aware of who they do business with when they’re at home in their own community. But how many are, in a way, undermining their own hard work at home by “Voting With Their Dollars” for the other side when they’re out of town? This is a part of our Mission. With the use of technology that is everywhere now, the Patriots Business Alliance can help the Patriots traveling also make good choices on the road.