The Patriots Business Alliance is advancing a Mission to build a Community of Consumers and Businesses to expand and promote the Principles and Values on which our Republic, and our Culture, are built.

Businesses join through buying a Listing on our website and by signing The Pledge to operate and act in a way that advances and promote those Principles and Values.

Consumers have free and easy access to the website to locate those businesses who have pledged to support the Mission and allow Patriot Consumers to patronize and support those businesses.

This is a local and national program. While most Patriots are vigilant in working to support like-minded businesses in their local communities, they may be defeating their efforts with where they spend their money when they travel. This is where the Patriots Business Alliance will be most impactful in the long run.

Remember that all politics is local, so please help support those in other localities by patronizing their like-minded businesses and service providers.

Voting With Our Dollars To Save THE Republic!