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Is Our Nation Suffering From “Low T”?

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Chris Jennings
October 10, 2015 at 4:43 AM

There is very little to argue with, and it is superbly written. I might add that pushing obsession with anything sexual is a huge part of this, for as us old folk recall, it used to be taboo among most of America to discuss such intimate things out in the open, and private things were generally kept private and the childish things were left to actual children. Once that happened, it is bound to turn the populace more effeminate, as lesbians are of course women, a gay man is trying to be a woman, a drag queen is trying to look like a woman, a bisexual likes both a man acting like a woman and an actual woman, etc, and if you wanna turn the nation from a culture based on thought, logic & brain power into one based on emotional ‘tolerance’, ‘inclusion’, ‘diversity’ and manufactured ‘inequalities’, etc. then you are tending towards the Yang with no Yin. The only other thing I might would point out is the even more serious threat than our culture in the cess pool: our military being forced to accept the sissy emotional sex based philosophy instead of cool, level-headed brain powered killing machines like we had pre-1950. Aside from maybe a couple of additions, you have hit the nail square on the head…nothing to criticize whatsoever. Good job!

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